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The boy next door

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"He's gone off the deep end."

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Humans are like chess pieces in which evil move to do their evil upon the earth and do evil unto other people. 200 odd posts in 5 years. A civil suit would be in order for the false report to DCFS.

Us fellas are such crybabies when we are ill. Wow interesting. … so LEGAL immigration is not only possible, it is reality. They didn't cheat enough for Hillary to win.

Called me a troll, still really don't know what that means, even though I had bo thought provoking posts. I wonder why anyone would desire employing a political hack professor from either side of the political isle to teach children.

Myself, I'll be driving away in a Ford pickup, sneering at the Killer sex crowd.

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  1. The boy next door
    Doutilar4 months ago

    Do they wear the uniform differently?

  2. Shakami4 months ago

    This has been going on & on & on .

  3. Ferg4 months ago

    Oh some culture peeks here

  4. Guzuru
    Guzuru3 months ago

    Her mental illness was 'hoarding money'

  5. The boy next door
    Tojakasa3 months ago


  6. Mim
    Mim3 months ago

    And respect! Doh!

  7. Знакомства
    Daizahn3 months ago

    Thank You

  8. The boy next door
    Shazahn2 months ago


  9. Знакомства
    Kaganos2 months ago

    Why??... ;-;

  10. Taukasa2 months ago

    Try dapping with shatter

  11. The boy next door
    Bragrel2 months ago

    I don't see a difference

  12. Yozshum
    Yozshum1 month ago


  13. Vudobar
    Vudobar1 month ago

    Girl please I told her to ban me. Idgaf and you had no part of it. Eventually a real mfker gets bored of the fvckery. It's as simple as that for me. 🙏💚

  14. Basar
    Basar1 month ago

    Good for you!

  15. Tozragore1 month ago

    I wish

  16. Faedal
    Faedal1 month ago

    Found there web site here is a direct link...

  17. The boy next door
    Akinolmaran4 weeks ago

    I'll ask someone to.

  18. Tejas
    Tejas4 weeks ago

    Lol!!R & I Sent!

  19. Makora3 weeks ago

    Wasting everyone's time!

  20. Toktilar
    Toktilar2 weeks ago

    I like the unedited version myself...

  21. The boy next door
    Tugal2 weeks ago

    Doesn't have to be soupy.

  22. Satilar
    Satilar2 weeks ago

    Very well doing, oops doing great.

  23. The boy next door
    Kajilar1 week ago

    Nicely said. Thank you.

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