A tool within

I would like to share a sincere self confident that we have the ability to make a difference in a way that everyone should believe they have inner potential to change in one’s self and the world.

My name is Jamal Ally Mohamed Barass. I have been working in multiple jobs position starting as a translator, research assistant to an assistant project officer at Woman Centered care project that helps to improve Maternal healthcare service for pregnant women in rural areas.


Description of the Barass Sports Centre 

Barass Sports Centre is based in Magu, Mwanza Tanzania with the purpose to give equal opportunities; chances and support to youth in the community by empower them through sports and education.

Our ambition is to see all the youth got opportunities to participate in sports in combination with education despite of their family background, gender and ability. Participating in sports plays a major role in abstaining the youth from abusing drugs, engaging in bad manners and thus creates unity that’s lead to an even a better society.

On a level of our major dream we believe that sports can be use a tool to eradicating poverty of individuals, family and a community as large and can be an umbrella to solve many challenges and thus we trust our way in contributing in the development as ideal stakeholders.

And furthermore with diversity comes uniqueness of magical talents that needs to be natured and given supports to realize its full potential THIS IS OUR BELIEF.

Despite being form a middle class family, well supportive I still could not have a good reputation in primary school and if not had a turning point I could ended up like where a lot of my schoolmate are today, some being drug addict as an example.

After experience difficulties in my education that lead me to be a drop-out and my dream to be a well educated person disappeared, I started engaging in playing football as I believe I had talent that I can make it as my career but due to poor sports program, lack of a proper teams and facility to play my second dream which was one of my biggest dream collapsed.

Making a difference as a young person in your community

Three years of working in all kinds of job in order to earn a living, five years working with a community based program on trying to improve the quality of care for pregnant woman in rural areas. Then a turning point came. I look back to all the challenges in my education, my football dream and pregnant women are facing then I told myself Jamal you have to be a reason and an icon to the youth who are facing similar situation that I went through to realize their great dream.

I started to work with community groups in providing education on different topics be it our rights as citizens, self income generation activities and finally established a sports centre that has become my life and a great tool for the youth of our time in our district and our country.