How to get there

How to get there?
Address: Mallekotstraat, 43 2500 Lier

From train station Lier to the school:

There will be signs to guide you, it’s a 20 minutes walk.

If you come by plane:

  • You arrive at Brussels Airport Zaventem.

There is a train station at the airport. Take the train to Lier. Check your travel on

Buy your ticket from Zaventem:

Buy a standard ticket (10,8 euros / person) You can buy those at the station or on

  • You arrive at Brussels airport Charleroi.

Take bus A to Charleroi Sud train station. And from here take the train to Lier. Check you travel from the airport to Lier on

Buy your ticket from Charleroi:

  1. Buy a bus ticket at the airport (around 6 euros) from the Airport to Charleroi Sud.
  2. Buy a train ticket from Charleroi Sud to Lier. !IF YOU’RE UNDER 26 YEARS OLD: Buy a Go Pass 1 (6,20 euros)! Those are much cheaper.

You can buy those tickets at the station or on

Please let us know when you arrive!

Tell Csengele ( when you will arrive: We will get you at the train station of Lier!

Call Camille if you are lost during the travel (0032 471 25 45 89).

Safe travels!


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