In society today, high school graduates are facing an important transition. The time of being carried by others towards adulthood and personal development is coming to an end, and a new phase begins. From now on, the young individuals get to design their life paths themselves. This is a moment of freedom. And out of this freedom important questions arise: How do we take up this freedom? How do we shape our lives within society? How do we shape society, in order for it to be fair, social, just, sustainable and good? With Connect Conference we want to acknowledge and celebrate this moment of transition, and see which challenges and possibilities it brings.

As young people, it is our aim to raise awareness of the shared future that will be created if we dare to live up to our highest potential. We hope to open eyes and show possibilities and ways to become active. We want to encourage initiative and we want to remind everyone that changing the world goes hand in hand with changing oneself.

Connect Conference will be a space where we can imagine and practice a society where everybody takes up his or her individual role while caring about the whole. Our goal is to create a living picture that shows how each one of us is both participant and contributor, at the Connect Conference as well as in society.