The Conference

Connect Conference is an international youth conference, for students who are about to graduate high school. From the 3rd to the 8th of April 2017, 300 high school graduates from all over the world will gather in Belgium for a week of connection, inspiration, talks, workshops, exchange, new perspectives, action, and celebration.

Society and its contemporary challenges will be the red thread throughout the conference. Inspiring individuals will share their personal experiences of working towards positive social change, providing examples, of how we can have an impact in today’s complex world. In conversation groups, we will dive deeper into certain topics, and workshops will offer hands-on activities during the day. Participants will be asked to co-create this event with presentations, exhibitions, cultural performances during the evenings and all the other gifts they have to offer.

Most of all, this event is an open space. A space where cultures and individuals meet, where relationships are built, where our vision of the world expands and where we connect to ourselves, each other and the world. Connect Conference is a celebration of life!

Our Vision

In society today, high school graduates are facing an important transition. From now on, the young individuals get to design their life paths themselves. This is a moment of freedom, that questions: How do we shape our lives within society? How do we shape society, in order for it to be fair, just, sustainable and good?

With the connect conference it is our aim to raise awareness of the challenges and possibilities within our society. We hope to open eyes and show ways to become active. We want to encourage initiatives and remind everyone that changing the world goes hand in hand with changing oneself.