Be your true self

Wake up to the reality of your greatness

Description of the workshop:  How to be your true authentic self by letting go of who you think you should be. You are invited on a (inner) journey of awareness and exploration, connecting to your voice inside, exploring your own life story, finding out about your potential and connecting with your dreams. We use storytelling, visualisations, meditation and creative exercises to create your personal storyboard.


  • My path

To understand where you are in life, you have to look back at the path you have walked. All your experiences on your life journey have brought you where you are at this moment. By self observation in a non-judgmental way (awareness) you will be able to get insight in your values, beliefs and habits.  

  • My potential

What is your unique potential and how well do you look after yourself?

  • My dreams and my destination

The road you walk is depending on the destination you choose. Without destination or direction you don’t know which road you are on. How does life unfold and who is the director? Choosing a destination helps you realize your dreams. We need a destination in life to give meaning to today. What is your destination and where is the road taking you?

  • My choices (ownership)

The quality of life is about the choices you make, not about the conditions of your life or expectations of others. You are the director of your life.

Biography of Gert-Jan de Hoon

Gert-Jan de Hoon (1966) is an accomplished transformational coach, speaker and guide, author of A pilgrimage to Santiago, and founder of Voyage Beyond. His unique talent is to empower people in a very natural way into their own force and light. He has extensive experience in the corporate world, the health sector, international diplomacy, and the travel industry. He worked within the medical field (Jeroen Bosch Hospital), with underprivileged youths (Buzinezzclub), detainees (department of Justice), graduates (Connect Conference Belgium), top management (IKEA), youth (YIP Sweden), and starting entrepreneurs. He walks with his clients on the Camino in Spain and leads workshops at unique locations worldwide.

Gert-Jan made a choice for long and winding paths to unknown destinations, instead of a fixed career path, after his study Communication Science. It brought him to China in the pre internet era (1991), he lived and worked in Uganda (Africa) and Spain, where he discovered the Camino. He travelled with groups in China, Nepal, India and Pakistan and fell in love with the Canadian wilderness during a wilderness guide course. His life journey learned him to listen to his intuition, being flexible, making contact on deeper levels, dealing with setbacks, keeping things simple, not giving up and living with passion.

 Gert-Jan is co-founder of Foundation Anders Bekeken. This foundation organizes and supports activities and projects for people with disabilities, to increase self-knowledge, self-confidence and self-acceptation as to get more direction over their own life. An example is Camino Walking Blind, a pilgrimage to Santiago with people who are visually impaired.