Connect Conference 2015

Some impressions of the Connect Conference 2015

– April 26th 2015

After a week full of light, laughter and connection, we are slowly entering our daily lives again. The Connect Conference 2015 has been a great success! In the coming days we will post some impressions of the conference on our Facebook page… Enjoy!


– April 4rd 2015

For participants, volunteers and contributors making their way to the Connect Conference: In case you don’t find the way to the conference ground, or if you want to communicate your exact arrival time with us, call or text:
0032 494/08.45.30

Registration closed

– March 2nd 2015

And YES, we are fully booked! About 200 youngsters are registered and arriving in less than one month… We are excited to welcome participants from 18 different countries: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, israel, Italy, Latvia, New-Zealand, Romania, Slovenia, Thailand, The Netherland and USA!

Registration date extended

– February 1st 2015

The registration deadline (orginally set on the 1st of February) is extended to the 1st of March. There are still some places on the Connect Conference, but we recommend everyone to register as soon as possible, since the places for the conference are limited.

Crowdfunding campaign for the Connect Diversity Fund is launched!

– December 18th 2014

To create a mini-society at the Connect Conference, we are calling for a diversity of participants, from all over the world and from different economic backgrounds. That’s why we have created the ‘Connect Diversity Fund’: a fund to help cover travel-costs of participants who really want to join the conference but aren’t able to, due to limited financial resources. Find more about it and explore how you can contribute here.

Connect on tour: inviting Europe!

– November 28th 2014

After calling with schools and teachers from all 6 continents of our planet, it’s time to go and meet the students in person and invite them for the Connect Conference in Belgium. We will wind our way through Europe to go and visit schools and 12th graders from Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Czech Republic. We hope to bring the first hints of the celebration that Connect Conference will be to all those we meet on the road! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Deadline funding requests for participants from North America!

– November 16th 2014

There is good news from the North American Youth Section! They are willing to contribute to the traveling expenses of participants who are traveling from North America to the Connect Conference.
Deadline for funding requests is December 1st 2014. If you are living in North-America please contact us for more information about the funding process:

A little word about the program for Connect Conference 2015

– November 5th 2014

A little glimpse about how the program for the Connect Conference will look like is to find under ‘Program’ right now! Click here!

Registration is open!

– November 1st 2014

The official registration for Connect Conference 2015 is open now! More information about the registration process, the participant fee and the actual registration form is to find on this link, or by clicking on the button on your right. The registration goes until February 1st 2015.