Creating Magic

Bringing change into your world

Description of the workshop: 

Do you recognize this situations?

– you bump into someone and it feels like you’ve been knowing each other for years

– you walk in the street and all of a sudden you see people dancing all around

– you dream about a marvelous project and a year later it’s rolling

– you feel like in a dream sitting on a bench with some friends

– you come to an international conference and feel a magic connection with one of the other participants

– you love it when unexpected things happen

– you become speechless watching a sunset

It’s this kind of moments that we often call “magical moments”.Most of the time we talk about them afterwards. How would you feel being able to create these moments? I believe these moments happen more than we know. I believe we can make these moments happen. If you want to experience the magic together, If you want to make magic happen at the conference, If you want to know the secret of magical moments, If you believe that you too can make magic happen, If you just feel magical…

Be welcome to the MAGIC workshop, curated by Koen Joly.

We go on a trip to MAGIC land by:

– exploring situations you experienced this MAGICal moments

– dreaming about MAGIC you would like to see in your world

– designing actions to make MAGIC come true

Are you in for some MAGIC?



My name is Koen (pronounced as “coon”). Loving husband, proud father of four. Coach, inspirator, facilitator and motivator of people, teams and organizations, most of the time non-profit organizations. People call me inspiring, challenging, experienced and coaching.

Since I was a kid I’m fascinated by the magical things that happen between people. I like meeting all kinds of people and always enjoy the company of inspiring people. Creating, trying new things, building relationships, learning, … are some of the things that really give me a boost every single day.

Apart from that I’m really passionate about music. I collect 7” records and as a DJ I like to make people dance. Visiting concerts and festivals always gives me a lot of energy. Dancing is another way to express myself. What strikes me most is that music and dancing bring people together.

Words that tell something about Koen and how he interacts with people and his environment:

appreciative – approachable – authenticity – be who you are – coherent – commitment – confrontational – connection – creative – curious – dare to be different – both feet on the ground – quietly – committed – open eyes – feel – play – here and now – myself – inspiring – interaction – research – be yourself – just do it – laid-back – learning – methods – mirror – move – music – open – open mind – out of the blue – passionate – peace – people – person – perspective – game – positive – puzzler – questions – quiet – real – realistically – reflective – relax – respect – security – easy – slow – spontaneously – surprisingly – trust – wondering

Find out more about Koen on his website, linkedin or twitter.