Dancing and playing

This non-work-shop is all about NOT working. It’s about leaving your full and inspired brain behind for 2 hours.  Instead of Input, I am going to offer you some output. We are going to play children’s games from all over the world and we will dance.

Both: Play and dance give us the crucial opportunity to express ourselves.  If even recent scientific research reveals that expressing one’s self has a positive effect on our well being – then it must be GOD DAMN GOOD. What do you think?


‘Dance movement therapist’ is written down right next to my name on my bachelor certificate. My daily life consists of different passions of mine. Currently I am studying Jazz vocals in Antwerpen and lead a dance group of migrant women in my free time. To make a living I hold lectures for mental/ physical handicapped people about subjects such as:‘Stress-less’; ‘Non-violent communication’; ‘Healthy food and healthy living’, where I try to integrate knowledge of my background such as body-; dance- and movement activities.

Before and after my studies I kept traveling, exploring different countries and languages.  This is probably something I will never stop doing