Presentation Defunding Ruben Khan & Krissy Goecks: (15min)
In relation to two swiss community building, networking and activist platforms named Generation Basel and Bio für Jede Zürich we will present a project called BankExit Basel.
It has been inspired out of the Standing Rock movement in North Dakota (USA) and its action taking platform
In a time of significant climat change humanity is called to find new ways and strategies to address issues to our worlds big banks and companies that contribute to the destruction of our planet, ignoring all signs of danger.
In understanding that these new approaches need to be accessible for each and everyone, a global movement of divestment has grown over the last years.
Divesting means to move your money from banks that are investing into the fossil fuel industry to local credit unions or alternative banks.
This action pressures big banks to end their business relations and credits with corporations related to the fossil fuel industry. Striking success has been achieved through this method already. Billions have been divested.
With BankExit Basel we`re intending to show you, how you can start to divest yourself and spread awareness for the movement.
And after all divesting is only the beginning of a new story. A story that starts to get interesting as soon as we start talking around alternatives to our current banking system.