DJ Workshop hosted by KLNK

KLNK is an organisation that gives all youngster the chance to follow their dreams in becoming a true Disc Jockey. By giving them support in a lot of different ways: workshops, masterclasses, opportunities to perform, social media, practice rooms, legal advice, …. Since 2016 we are bringing people together who love music, and want to follow their passions. That’s why Samuel Allaman is our DJ teacher. He is following his dream and wants to become a full time DJ teacher in the future.

Samuel Allaman AKA Zamouzik AKA DJ All-man:

Started as a 15 y/o teen with no ambition to become a DJ. He received some vinyls for his birthday and was wondering if he could mix them together. As more as he tried, as more as he found his passion in the music. He started with dubstep and Drum & Bass, but later evolved to a full spectrum DJ, playing Hip-Hop, Trap, Techno, House, etc etc etc…

After some time, he started organising his own parties as he was tired to never get his own gigs.  He now already organised more than 8 parties under different names (10’000 – 50’000 Watts, Living Room, Deepdream). He now already is DJ’ing for more than 6 years. He also has his own DJ-afternoons every wednesday in Kavka, Antwerp. There DJ’s can arrive an jam for free on a professional DJ Soundsystem. Recently he started giving workshops and that’s what he’s doing at the “Connect Conference”.