Documentary movies

A window to the world or a mirror for ourselves?

Description of the workshop:

Since the existence of film and moving image, documentary makers have tried to show us how they look at the world around them. In this workshop we will examine together how they did this in the past and discover basic concepts in the looking at and making of documentaries. Is it true that documentary is a window to the world and shows what is outside of us, or is it rather a mirror for ourselves, the ones who make and watch them? In this workshop, we will take the time to look at documentaries and build a conversation around what we have seen.



Mathijs Poppe (1990) studied at the Youth Initiative Program in Sweden, co-founded Classroom Alive and is currently finshing his masters degree in audiovisual arts in Gent. The documentaries Mathijs has directed evolved mostly around establishing a relationship between himself and the subjects/characters/actors of the film.