Support us in making the next conference happen

Connect conference all started by some committed and enthusiastic people combining their strengths and doing everything possible to make this happen.

We started with nothing. Most of us where still studying or starting a part time job here and there. A lot of conversations where held about finances. How are we going to this? How will this be possible?

We felt that bringing this conference into realization was important. Although we didn’t have any starting budget and we were still trying to answer the question of how we were going to sustain ourselves within the next year. But we took a little risk and we started working on the conference, trusting the fact that, together with many others, we would find a way.

Due to these conditions Connect conference is only possible because of your contribution, the generous support of several foundations, and dedicated staff members working on a voluntary basis.

The anthropological association in Belgium was the first one to provide us with a small starting budget and since then we are applying for funds, grants and donations.

If you feel like supporting us, please donate whatever you feel like or whatever you can give:

IBAN: BE33 5230 8068 1746
Name: Connect
Adress: Ferdinand Lousbergkaai 44, 9000 Gent
Message: ‘Gift Connect conference’

Recently we opened a ‘Participantion Fund’, which will help (class)groups of participants from far away and from difficult economic contextes with covering their travel costs and paying their participation fee. If you especially want to help these students, the message that goes with the donation should be ‘Participation Fund’.

If you feel like you could support us in any other way, please contact us. We are very happy to hear in which way you could contribute to the conference!

We greatly appreciate your support.
Not only in our own names, but most of all in the name of the young people wanting to attend this conference!