Ethical banking

Barbara is currently working at the only community bank of Hungary, named the Magnet bank. In the past few years her task was to communicate with customers, managing marketing campaigns, coordinate tenders, writing and supervising the production of magazines, articles, planning and coordinating events, market research, providing data and reports. Next to all of this Barbara organized workshops and gave lectures at events for students about the difference between ethical and non ethical banks, and how the Magnet bank works. And now she is the executive Assistant to the Chairman.

At the Connect Conference she is going to give a lecture about how ethical and community banks work. Barbara’s aim is to encourage young people to take responsibility in their banking habits. She would like to see people who are aware about how banks affect the world and within this she would like to motivate young people to step into action. As every action starts with knowledge, she would like to guide us behind the scenes so she can show us how banks work. And she will give us the tools how to start our own way in the big banking world.