Free your voice, share your story

A playful, empowering and heart-opening journey of connection! 

Description of the workshop: 

As human beings we all long to truly be ourselves, to feel seen and appreciated for who we are and to feel connected to others and to something bigger than ourselves. In this co-creative 3 day-journey we will explore the potential in meeting ourselves and each other in a way that is authentic, vulnerable and at the same time empowered. Through a combination of powerful breath- and voice techniques, story work, authentic self-expression and playful ways of really meeting the other, we will explore how heart-opening, enriching and liberating it is to find and share our unique essence, voice and stories. You will be offered tools to strengthen your self-confidence, vitality, inner leadership and relationships. 

Disclaimer: We dont just scratch the surface. We will encourage, challenge and support each other to gradually open up and dive deeper. That is, after all, where the pearls are waiting and where real connection happens.  


Lien (1980) is a passionate lover of life, people and their stories and personal development. She has a Masters in Psychology, worked with teenagers from challenging backgrounds and had a career in conscious journalism. Over the years this has organically led her to work as a narrative and writing coach and as a facilitator of group processes for both youngsters and adults. Since 2006 she has been writing and telling the stories that spark her heart and she has invited and encouraged others to do the same. In her work with groups she aims to create safe and nourishing spaces for authentic self-expression and mutually enriching heart-to-heart encounters.

Steven Cnudde (1974) is passionate about working with young people and igniting their hearts. He left his job as a math teacher behind to start working as a certified heart-, breath- and voice coach. For the last ten years he has been coaching both individuals and groups in finding and freeing their natural voice and connecting to their dreams and potential. Together with Lien, his life and work partner, he is looking forward to taking you on a heartwarming and inspiring journey, sharing the tools that have transformed and opened up both of their own lives, as well as the lives of many others.