Gert-Jan de Hoon

A workshop by Gert-Jan de Hoon

To grow and personally and professionally develop means constantly aligning who you are, what you want and what motivates you. Every day we will look at a different theme, and have the participants discuss in groups and work on personal assignments in a creative way.

Themes for the 4 days are:

The path I came
To understand who you are and where you are in life, we look back at the path you came. All ur experiences on our life journey have created who we are at this moment. By self observation in a non-judgmental way we are able to get insight in our habits and beliefs.

My potential
Where is your road taking you and what is your unique potential?

My dreams
Your destination is depending on the road you choose and the dreams you have. Choosing a destination helps you realize your dreams. What are you dreaming about?

My choices
You are the author of your book and the director of your life. The better you know and accept yourself, the better you know what your destination will be in life and you will be able to walk your path with confidence from your happiness, success and talents. This way your behavior will be depending on your feelings and the decisions you make instead of your conditions.

About Gert-Jan

Gert-Jan de Hoon is an accomplished personal coach, speaker and guide, author of A pilgrimage to Santiago, and the founder of Voyage Beyond. He helps navigate the complexity of our times with clarity, integrity and confidence. Gert-Jan helps lead you to insight and answers to your questions. Don’t expect a one-sizefits-all easy answer, but he helps you identify the unique challenges in your life, and develop pragmatic strategies to move beyond them. With extensive experience in the corporate world, the health sector, and international diplomacy, Gert-Jan brings a broad range of knowledge to his teachings. In addition to his “normal” work, he is a trained, certified wilderness expert and trail guide, with over 20 years experience leading both novice and seasoned walkers. He has lived and worked in Uganda, Canada, China, Nepal, and Western Europe. He has worked with a number of diverse groups, from Ikea management, to major hospitals like Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis (NL), from prisoners with the department of Justice, to starting entrepreneurs.