Hanne D’Hulster / Celina De Monte

A workshop hosted by Hanne D’hulster

In this dance workshop you will be guided by a different course leader every day. This makes the workshop diverse, let’s you taste from different styles, gives you the opportunity to improvise, work with choreography and…… have a lot of fun!

Both experienced dancers as new (unexperienced) dancers are welcome in this workshop. This is not a technical workshop.

What do you need to take with you? A lot of enthusiasm and comfortable clothes to dance.

Day 1: Workshop by Stephan Marchant (Belgium)

Come and experience your body – move a little, shake a little and laugh a lot.

In this dynamic workshop you will actively work with your body. Through playful movement assignments you will discover how you can move your body, which story your body brings alive and how you can create a dance with others.

You will explore your own playfulness through dance and movement. In the session, you will experience fun and easy-to-do creative assignments to help you instantly feel increased energy, greater ease of movement and more joyfulness & flow in your body. This engaging session allows you to reconnect with your body’s wisdom, creativity and aliveness. The workshop offers you the opportunity to perceive yourself in a new way.

The workshop is all about fun & movement, not about executing the perfect dance. In this workshop, everyone can dance! It’s about passion, energy, sensation and creative expression. Dive into the experience: meet other persons in a different way and get to know each other through dance and movement. Together you will improvise and create. Play will be the essential ingredient.
Do you want to know more about Stephan and his creative Move2Create?

Day 2: Workshop by Gert en Maggie (Belgium)

A journey through the different elements

Maggie & Gert invite you to move and dance with the elements earth, water, fire, air and chi on wonderful music from different parts of the world. They will guide you on a journey through time from the origin until this very moment in your life : your next step, your goals and your dream(s) in life! The dance will surprise you and will inspire you to go for it!

Gert & Maggie are both passionate dancers, dance teachers and directors of the nonprofit organization WCU-Dance (we see you dance). You can find wonderful information on their website (also in English) : www.wcud.be or www.world-children-unity-dance.be

They dance and organize dance for the benefit of street children and troubled youngsters. And will be happy to meet you & to move you!

Day 3: Workshop by Erika Mills (Canada)

The vastness of the earth is inside yourself, the oceans fill your veins, trees grow inside your lungs, your eyes closed see all of this…

In this Limon based technique class focussing on spinal successions, suspensions, falls and recoveries, participants will be guided through visual imagery to feel their bodies initiating movement guided by thought processes that ignite the awareness of being in the present moment. No mirrors, no outside cues, just you and your body.

The class will follow a traditional modern dance class format allowing participants time to articulate their bodies through all levels of space while using various types of energies, shapes and forms. All levels of experience welcomed

Day 4: Workshop by Celina de Monte (The Netherlands) and Hanne D’hulster (Belgium)

Harvest and closing

In this last workshop Celina and Hanne will look back with you to all the different experiences you gained through this four day workshop. By using different dance and movement assignments every experience can “land” into our bodies and minds. We will tune into the moments that moved you the most, lift out some particular parts, order them next to each other, add some flow, timing or weight and maybe….. we will end up with a piece of choreography!

Celina and Hanne are friends, dancers and colleagues dance/movement therapists.