How to get there

The Connect Conference is happening in the Waldorf School of Lier. Here is some more information about how you can get there.


From the train station of Lier to the Connect Conference

If you arrive at the train station of Lier it is only a 15 min walk to the conference ground. The route will be marked with signs.

Participants should communicate their exact arrival time with Clara van Camp ( We will make sure there is someone picking you up at the train station, to walk the way together for the first time to the Steinerschool, Lier.

Address of the Steinerschool Lier
In the Steinerschool Lier the Connect Conference will happen. Ruraly situated, but in a 15 min walk from the city center and train station of Lier, we will create magic at this place!

Mallekotstraat 43, 2500 Lier