Isabelle Daniels

A moving workshop by Isabelle Daniels

Theatre is a safe setting to experiment, letting go of the thoughts in your head that can block you from playing and being spontaneous, even with an audience watching you. Listening to others and working with others will create a space for co-operation. It’s a place that allows you to fail, even though failure does only exist in your head. Because there is only one of you in all time, your expression is unique. Free your inner impulses, follow your gut feeling, and you will meet your most special, funny, creative, unique self. This workshop gives the freedom to create anything, overcoming any blocks against playing, meeting and boosting each other’s creative qualities and learning to rely on inner impulses. It will make you a true artist.

About Isabelle

Isabelle (1988, Belgium) graduated as a Drama Therapist at Hogeschool Zuyd in Heerlen (The Netherlands). She worked with people with mental disabilities and did multiple creative workshops with elderly and children. After her first job she travelled around in South East Asia to discover new cultures and to work as a drama therapist in an orphanage in Northern Thailand. She likes to be on stage and was in several theatre plays in Belgium. Isabelle is extrovert and present in the room and meanwhile she can be shy. Two qualities that are equal in importance in her opinion. She is very adventurous, enthusiastic about life itself and embraces all chances to meet new people from all over the world so…… she can’t wait to see you at the Connect Conference!