Lien Van Laere

A creative journalism workshop by Lien Van Laere

How can we capture the essence of a shared experience like Connect? How do we harvest our learnings, highlights and impressions, our new found inspiration and stories? In short: how do we create unforgettable memories, not only in our minds and hearts, but also in a more tangible way?

In this four day workshop we invite you to explore the art of harvesting and awaken the reporter in you. As a team we will dream, design and co-create the one and only Connect 2015 Magazine!

The challenge? A time frame. On Saturday our magazine goes to a local printing company, on Sunday it rolls off the presses. For real! The result is a unique gift to all the participants, volunteers and contributors at Connect.

During our time together we will self-organize as an editorial team. We will decide on the content and learn simple and powerful techniques in journalistic and creative writing, interviewing, editing and graphic harvesting. Step by step we will unravel the process of making a magazine from scratch. Diversity is key. Coaching is at hand.
Want to improve your writing skills and work on a column, story, short or longer article or reflection? Eager to learn how to interview and ask powerful questions? Inspired to contribute with photos, poetry, letter art, drawings or lay-out skills? Whatever can add a touch of magic is possible. If you’re ready for a joyful creative adventure… welcome on board!

About Lien

Lien (1980) graduated as a Psychologist at the University of Gent. After having worked with teenagers from challenging backgrounds, she made the transition to freelance journalism and creative writing. For the last ten years Lien has been writing columns, stories, articles and interviews for news papers, magazines, books and organizations. More recently she started hosting writers cafés and inspiration workshops for youngsters and adults. She is also part of Nieuwmakers, a team of generative newsmakers, and of Woods of Wonder, a storytelling collective.

Lien is passionate about the transformational power of words and likes to see herself as a ‘story midwife’. Good stories are everywhere, whether true or imagined. They’re simply waiting for a pair of wings to fly into the world. By birthing and sharing the stories that speak to her, Lien aims to inform, inspire and help bring us closer to what Charles Eisenstein calls ‘The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible’. Lien is hungry for life, loves dancing and avocados and is looking forward to experience and co-create the story of Connect with all of you!

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