Louis Van Hacht

A hands-on workshop by Louis van Hacht

Since many thousands of years the natural herbal medicine has been very important for humankind and its health. The Egyptians, the Romans, the Greeks,… a lot of people in history have already been experimenting with and using the herbs for medicinal and healing purposes.

Nowadays it’s getting even more interesting for us to create our own medicine, a pure and natural medicine that has not been manipulated by chemicals. We can use the medicinal herbs for curative healing but also –and maybe even more important – for preventive health care.

In this workshop you will get the chance to learn more about the natural herbal medicine and to create your own pure and natural medicines. The first day we will start with a little bit of herbal history and afterwards we will expand our knowledge about herbs by feeling, smelling and tasting different kinds of medicinal plants and essential oils, which are one of the most powerful natural products and which form the base of Aroma therapy. We will also make our first herbal preparation: a sensual massage oil.

The next day we will learn more about the natural products, such as bee wax and sheanut butter and we will use these ingredients to make our own Miracle Wound Balm, which can heal many daily injuries very fast and clean cutting wounds, scratches, burns, mosquito bites,… We will also make a lip caring balm or if you like you can also make your own lip gloss.

The third day of this workshop we will focus on our respiratory system and make a tasty syrup and a chest balm, against a cough or for when you have a cold.

What we will create the last day is a surprise, but I can ensure you we will together glorify our senses.

About Louis

During this workshop you will be guided by a young Herbalist named Louis Van Hacht, who will be officially graduated at the end of June at the European Academy for Natural Healthcare. Since two years he has been interested in the Natural Herbal Medicine and he will share his knowledge and skills with a lot of passion and pleasure.