Marc Schepens / Geert Simoens

A workshop by Geert Simoens and Marc Schepens

In this workshop Marc Schepens and Geert Simoens will invite you to have a look at different ways of thinking by exploring some geometrical figures. Through this workshop you will experience that your thinking is restricted to space and time but there is also a way to overwhelm these restrictions. While exercising this, it makes us in a certain way free and triggers our creativity in making new choices.

This is a workshop for everyone who loves to learn through experience, to reflect and learn about your own way of thinking and to make different geometrical figures that have their origin in the world of ideas. The skills you learn in this workshop are also usefull in your own workingfield.

Marc Schepens is architect (organic) and has planned most of the buildings of the Waldorfschool of Lier. Geert Simoens is an experienced teacher of mathematics and natural sciences.