Melanie Lauwaert / Bart Van Mechelen

A workshop by Melanie Lauwaert and Bart Van Mechelen

In this workshop we will explore different ways towards a free and creative connection to life and vocation. Are you wondering how free you are? Do you know yourself and what moves you? Are you excited to walk into the wild world?
From a playful (re-)discovery of creative confidence we will go on a quest through our own lives: harvest the treasures from the past and reach out for the forces and people of importance in our life that brought us where we are now. From there on, we will together explore being fully present here and now: daring to be me: grateful for all I have received, leaning into the future with an open mind, open heart and open will. And finally we arrive at a shift of focus: the becoming world that is calling us for action! We will celebrate the unfolding social connection we can build together.

About Melanie and Bart

Melanie is a social artist, I-sculptor and becoming art therapist. She is co-founder of the Fabula Collective and Societal Shapers Bootcamp.
Bart Vanmechelen works in curative education, adult training, social development, contemplative research and loves to play.