Melody Brink / Ianthe Lauwaert

A fabulous workshop by Ianthe Lauwaert and Melody Brink

Stories carry the power of healing, connecting, transforming and guiding. A storyteller, through working with the imagination, reminds us of the potential we each carry to become the creators of our lives and of the world. We are all storytellers and stories are everywhere, they surround us and they influence us, they are in us and around us, we are all made of stories and so are our societies. But are we awake to them? And do we use our storytelling capacities to shape the world we want to see? Everybody in this world has a voice and thus has the given capacity to speak what needs to be said. The destiny and future of our world depends on the stories we tell and live by. So, which stories do you want to tell?

In this four day workshop we will work with the Art of Storytelling to strengthen our imagination, which is the key to our creativity. Through learning to tell stories, playing games, doing voice work, creative writing, singing and connecting with your inner storyteller, you will develop skills, capacities and questions which you can take out into the world and which will enable you to create as you speak. Avra Kehdabra, welcome to the world of magic!

About Ianthe and Melody

Ianthe grew up on a biodynamic farm with her three siblings. After having enjoyed the holistic education at the Steiner School in Gent she studied Social Cultural Work. Having expected many people there who would be like-minded and want to change the world, she was disappointed with the approach to social work the school held and thus she co-created a self-directed study called the Art of I-Skulpture, together with her twin sister and a friend. It was in that inspiring year that she took part in a month long storytelling course in Israel/Palestine, working with the theme of peace and conflict. After that she made her way to upstate New York, where she attended the Free Columbia Art Course and learned about colour, puppetry and anthroposophy, as well as how to turn your self into an organ of perception. She also discovered the power of nature on a road trip around the States and felt the urge and passion to work with children in nature. Back in Europe she did a six week storytelling course with the International School of Storytelling in England, especially geared towards working with children, and she started to work for Natuurtalent, an organization in the Netherlands that offers a peaceful place for children with behavioural challenges (ADHD, ADD, autism) where they can come to rest, through connecting to the natural environment, taking care of the farm animals, playing games and listening to stories. Ianthe discovered that stories are a language that children speak and as adults we can learn to communicate with them when we connect in the realm of imagination. Wanting to take this work further, Ianthe is currently training to become a teacher and facilitator at the International School of Storytelling. Ianthe also has a lot of experience in working in peer-led learning contexts and facilitating group processes. She is super excited about the opportunity of working with you at the Connect Conference and promises that the story work will open a whole new world for you!

Melody is a Storyteller and a social artist. Her passions include spinning wool, singing with people, clowning and cooking meals, geomancy, looking at new forms for education and money, world healing practices and the imagination. Melody grew up in both Detroit, Michigan and on the coast of Maine, attending Waldorf schools in both states. After high school she spent a year with Kroka Expeditions where along with twelve other young people and their teachers, she learned handcraft and explored the beautiful country of Ecuador and camped outside for six months through the Vermont winter learning survival skills. After that she gained new insights and skills for perception while studying at Free Columbia, a course that teaches painting, puppetry and anthroposophy in New York state. Melody then studied the art of Storytelling at the International School of Storytelling, based in East-Sussex, in England. Since then she’s been living in Oxford, completing a Masters in Social Sculpture and telling and listening to stories along the way. Later this year Melody will train with the International School of Storytelling to become a facilitator for the school. She’s looking forward to taking this work far and wide into the world, together with her ongoing research of the human being’s capacities.