Night café

The night café will take place from 22:00 pm till 24:00 pm! Let’s meets the artists who will perform for you:


Lisa Jorens

If enthusiasm was a person, then her name was Lisa Jordens. Lisa grew up with a wide love of music and a passion for building party’s. At a young age she played violin around  the world until she desided to get behind the turntable and fell in love with the buttons.


Croque Manouche

This Antwerp Gypsy Jazz band was founded in 2013 on the streets by Ben Van Bortel and Daniel Van Espen and has grown ever since. They play from trio till sextet and are inspired by Django Reinhardt and Duke Ellington.


Ramona is an upcoming buth promising indie-pop band. This al-female band is spirited, playful and hopeful. They get inspiration from Moondog, Chat Baker, Bob Marley, Feist, Nick Drake and many others.

Radio Spandex

Showband “Radio Spandex” brings back the best music from the 80’s!  Fancy a great party with unforgettable anthems? Welcome to Radio Spandex!