Living and Loving our Words: A Writing Workshop

Description of the workshop:

Through guided tasks in writing (both playful and profound) and a deep attention to each other in the group we will bring language to life between us. This will include writing in response to one another, and some simple movement exercises. Our aim will be to give ourselves permissions of fantasy and to love the words we use, for how can our relationships and communities flourish if our words are not filled with rich pictures and imagination? Our emphasis will be more on creative process than on the finished work. The group is, of course, open to non-native speakers, but a basic knowledge of English would be helpful!


Paul Matthews, poet and Bothmer gymnast, taught full time for many years at Emerson College in the UK, and (though ‘retired’) still contributes his work in Creative Writing to the Storytelling course there. He trained as a Waldorf teacher, and has worked with young high-school students and in youth conferences. He travels widely with his work, offering courses in many contexts, often combining writing and simple movement exercises. His books, Sing Me the Creation and Words in Place (both from Hawthorn Press) are full of exercises to enliven the creative process. His poems are also widely published. He gives readings of his poetry, and is experienced in shaping artistic events. His wife, Margli, is a Biographical Counsellor.