Accompanying Adult

The accompanying adults are welcome to participate in the full program, to eat and dance with us, to share their gifts and take initiative just as the participants. We are creating this event together with everyone who will be joining! The past has taught us that both for participants as for accompanying adults, mostly teachers, it has been a blessing to be able to participate at the Connect Conference. For them it is an intercultural experience as well, to meet teachers, parents or other elders from other countries along the world. Also here friendships where build in the past!

Besides that we have also heard from teachers about the importance for them to witness their students in this adventure. To see them flourish, smile, learn and explore is beautiful and many times relationships between students and teachers have been growing in this one week! The past has proven the value of the presence of a teacher at the conference, in particular also in regard of the after-Connect phase back in your own country …

Concerning the participation fee we do not make a difference between participants and accompanying adults.