Program 2015

Soon we will share more information on this page about lecturers, workshop leaders and other exiting contributors that we invite.

Here is a little glimpse already:

The content at the conference will be designed around four main themes: the individual, the society, the planet and human creative expression through art. Inspiring individuals will share their personal stories of working towards positive social change in their own field (community building, money, agriculture and food, etc). They will provide examples of how we can have an impact in today’s complex world.

Through lectures, workshops, conversation groups and evening activities the program of the Connect Conference will be a space for inspiration, unique experiences, hope, orientation, unforgettable meetings, new perspectives, connection, surprises and celebration.

But there is more to this. The Connect Conference program will not only be build for, but especially by the participants. Next to the some planned activities, the participants will get the opportunity to take part in the program. Are you a dancer? What about giving a dance workshop? You just played a theater play with your class? What about performing it at the conference? You like movies? What about hosting a movie-night? Or presenting your grade 12 project? Hosting some yoga in the morning? Or a give concert?

To put it briefly:
… Live, do, listen, play, see, enjoy and learn from each other!