Recycle Rebels

“Nooo…don`t through this away, we can still make something out of it!”

Let’s get active, be creative and have fun! We will have a great time talking, thinking and creating around the topic `Recycling`. To gather information and inspiration about how to re-use materials instead of throwing it away or buying new things…there are so many possibilities, it’s unbelievable! And of course we will become active in re-creating things out of recycled material such as wood, plastic, cans, clothes, and other things that come to our mind. If you are interested about how to integrate sustainability in your daily life through recycling you are more than welcome!

Franziska Müller

I am originally from Germany, but lived in many different countries the past 10 years. Next to my passion of travelling the world, meeting people, the nature and getting to know different cultures of this beautiful world, I also Love all kind of Arts and being creative with them. I studied Art Therapy in the Netherlands and trying to use this openness and creativity in many different ways in my life. Together with my partner, we started to live more and more sustainable in the past years, learning, creating, practicing new ways of living in a overwhelming trash society!

Bram Brausenberger

I am a Flemish guy passionate about life and finding it`s balance. I am living on a permaculture Farm for almost 10 years now, following my dream of using my artistic talent for wood and other materials. I am sharing my life with constantly changing guests (volunteers on the farm) with the same questions `How can we make life more sustainable in our modern society? ` This is a never ending topic on the farm, where we constantly try to find new creative and efficient solutions and I would like to share my knowledge, ideas and tips with you!