Participation Fee

The participation fee for the Connect Conference 2017 is € 170,- (inclusive food, accomodation, lectures, workshops, etc.). During the week of the conference no other costs need to be made in order to live, eat and sleep comfortabely.

We tried to keep this fee as low as possible, by funding most of the money that is needed to make this conference happen. The participation fee covers most of the actual costs for food, completed with sponsoring in kind by organic, biodynamic and local food companies.

Since the participants for this conference will come basically from anywhere in the world, we understand that this participation fee might be difficult to pay for some of you, especially in combination with the travel costs to Belgium. However, we want to make sure that everyone who wants to join the conference can do that. In order to make this possible we ask:

-Groups / classes / schools or individuals with strong(er) financial resources to pay a little bit more (€ 200 – € 300,-)

-Groups / classes / schools or individuals with less resources can contact Csengele Horn-Barta . Together we will figure out what we can do in order to support you in finding money to cover the travel costs and/or to give a discount on the participation fee. Schools or class groups can care for each other. We will try to link (class)groups to each other, in order to (fund)raise the money together, so that everyone who wants to come is able to come. More news about this new way of fundraising will be released soon!