Reyer Ploeg

A workshop by Reyer Ploeg

Singing means connecting with others and yourself, connecting with music without and music within, connecting with body and soul, connecting with resonance in body and room. In this workshop we will move and play with vocal sounds using our own imagination. We will improvise to enforce colorful sounds en feel free in creating expressive gestures. We will also use existing compositions to meet inspirations of other times and places. Practicing, experimenting, listening and joining we might end up in a small concert of existing and newly created choir music.

About Reyer

Reyer studied architecture, teacher training college, school music, composition and choir conducting. He has been working as teacher on Waldorf schools for many years. He has been music teacher in secondary school and now is headmaster in the Leiden University for Bachelors of Music in Education. He is chairman of the Dutch society of music teachers and conductor of the Haarlems Student Choir. Most of his compositions are for chamber music or choir. In his house in the centre of Haarlem a lot of small concerts are given, often combined with a lovely diner.