Standing Rock

For Generations To Come

Teargas, water cannons, loaded guns. Why? Pointed at who? On the other side people chanting, praying, shouting ‘Mni Wiconi! ~ Water is Life!’. What is this battle truly about?

This past year Standing Rock took center stage in global dialogue, old and new stories clashing. It was going to be just another oil pipeline, yet at this time in history a movement was birthed by prayer and intentions deep enough to fundamentally shake the mighty fossil fuel narrative.

Colleagues from Elderberries Threefold Cafe in Los Angeles Caleb, Gésaël and Daniel were there. In their presentation they share their personal and gripping experiences from this life changing journey. What are we as young people ready to stand up for in these times of massive disruption and new possibilities? How do we kindle the courage and willingness to challenge the powers that be?