Core Team 2015

Being a student at the Waldorfschool in Lier Flor had his first taste of Connect Conference as a 12th grader. As a graduation project he organized a national student meeting in Belgium: the Waldorfschool in Lier welcomed 600 students from all over the country. Later on the same year he had the chance to participate in Connect Conference 2007. Two years later he joined the Connect Conference 2009 as a volunteer. Studying and travelling for the last six years he found that organizing and taking care of logistics suits him well, that is why he is pleased to put his shoulders under this new project.

Hanne D’hulster (°1989)

Hanne studied Dance Movement therapy (Art Therapy) at Hogeschool Zuyd Heerlen (The Netherlands). As a Dance Movement therapist she worked with children and youngsters and gained experiences through different internships and by working one year in a psychiatric institute for children and youth.
After this first working experience she will enthusiastically engage herself to support Connect to give young people the chance to meet each other, to learn from each other and to be inspired by the different workshops and lectures at the conference.
Hanne gathered some experience in an international exchange by going to Thailand with AFS. After she came back she became an AFS volunteer for a couple of years.

Hanne is enthusiastic, creative, passionate and attentive. She loves to create a space where people can develop themselves according to their own nature.

Shirin Eimermacher (°1989)

Shirin attended Connect conference in 2007, at that time organized by the Youth Section in Dornach (Switzerland). After high school she studied educational sciences at the University of Ghent (Belgium) and the Humboldt University in Berlin (Germany). She graduated in 2012 with a master degree in Philosophy of Education and School Pedagogy. After that she went to Sweden and studied at the International Youth Initiative Program (YIP), a program in social entrepreneur- and leadership. After she was part of Classroom Alive, a six month self-directed walking study through Europe. Her study object at that time was focused on anthroposophy, higher education and the neoliberal educational paradigm.

Since she arrived back in Belgium in the end of 2013 she dedicated most of her time to bringing her learning out into the world. Her primary focus lies on young people and the path towards following their passions and dreams. Besides that she organizes all different kinds of workshops and events around ecological food, different ways to deal with money, community and education.

Jozefien Poppe (°1988)

Jozefien attented Connect conference as well as a high school graduate in 2007. After she went to the University of Ghent to study international politics, where she graduated with a master degree in 2012. During this studies she focused mainly on sustainable development, in Flanders (Belgium) as well as in third world countries. Apart from studying she was busy with founding ‘Connect U’, a temporary free time university where young poeple could share knowledge and skills with each other.

After her studies at university Jozefien went to Sweden and studied at the International Youth Initiative Program (YIP) in Sweden, together with Shirin. She worked at a biodynamic farm in Belgium for a while, organizing the farmer shop as well as organizing and hosting workshops for children around food and sustainability. For many years the idea to organize Connect Conference has been ripening within her, untill the moment was there to translate inspiration into action.


Deira De Rijcke (°1990)

In 2009 Deira attended the Connect Conference in Dornach as a high school graduate of the Waldorfschool of Ghent. After high school she started studying law at the University of Ghent (Belgium). From september 2012 untill september 2013 she studied as an erasmusstudent, at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt an der Oder (Germany). Currently Deira is writing her masterthesis about the integration of sustainable development in urban planning law (or what significance law can have for the sustainable development of a city). Besides her studies she is active in a student organisation which strives for a sustainable university and she is helping to organise a bycicle tour to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris in December 2015.

As a 12th grader the Connect Conference was for her a really inspiring and unique international experience, from which she is convinced to be of valuable in the search for what to do in life. By helping to organize this conference she hopes to create an unforgettable week where people can meet and connect whith each other.