The best goal, is no goal

Description of the workshop:

WAIDT (why am I doing this)?- is a very common question. The world’s greatest business leaders and high achievers ask themselves this question multiple times a day. To save time, to be more productive, to accomplish more, to save money… they wonder why -before they even start a task.

The idea of having concrete, achievable goals seem to be deeply ingrained in our culture. But do we always have to know where we are going and why we are going there?

The best goal is no goal:

In this workshop, theatre will be the central medium to try new attitudes, create & produce, express your strong imagination, get energy out of your emotions, and much more. You might be wondering WAIDT????? But after a while it will be absolutely liberating. This workshop is for ground-breaking, adventurous theatre-makers. But remember: you don’t need experience to be a great actor!

Just-fun & flow, no boundaries. It’s true; it’s great. It’s the best workshop.


Isabelle Daniels, 28 years old, and always in for creative expression in different settings. She graduated as Bachelor in the Arts Therapies-drama and acted in  multiple theatre plays. She is very passionate about theatre in all it’s different aspects and believes fun is the best energizer and prior in this workshop. 2 years ago she hosted a workshop at connect conference and was truly inspired by the input of the participants. Everyone can bring something unique to the table. And she can’t wait to see what this year will bring.